D&D Decorating Inc. crews utilize specialized surface preparation and application techniques when applying fire retardant coatings to doors, columns, walls and ceilings, wood surfaces and structural steel or as a coating for fire stops, ducting voids and other smoke and fire prevention applications.




​D&D Decorating Inc. Utilizes Sherwin Williams and Carboline for their outstanding coatings that withstand against extreme temperatures for an extended period of time. These coatings have demonstrated their aesthetic appeal in a wide variety of functional applications. Our specialized intumescent paint coatings are commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, and schools.


Fireproofing that looks like paint.
Safe, durable and affordable, Intumescent fireproofing is a thin film coating that is applied directly to a variety of otherwise unapproved building materials, allowing them to meet fire code, fire rating and flame spread requirements.
Intumescent fireproofing coatings are used indoors and outdoors, can be environmentally friendly and have been proven in service over many years. Intumescent high performance paint can keep cons
truction costs low while preserving focal points and building character.

D&D Decorating Inc. starts with a detailed outline of how your business job will be completed from start to finish. to finish. Disruption is minimized so that your everyday operations will not be interrupted.

Listed below is a summary of business painting services that D&D Decorating Inc. provides. Have a business task not listed? Please contact us to speak with and D&D representative today.

Exterior Business Painting:
Any Size Office Building
Metal Buildings & Metal Roofs
Maintenance Work
Graffiti Removal
Anti-graffiti Coatings
And more!
Interior Business Painting:
Any Size Office Painting
Floor to Ceiling
Drywall Painting
Wall covering Installation
Metal Ceilings
Machine Coatings
Drywall Taping & Repair
And more!


Line Striping

Parking Lot Striping​

A well-marked parking lot promotes safety and convenience by informing your customers where to park, stop or walk. A professionally striped/marked parking area will accomplish the following things:











Safer Parking Environment for both drivers and pedestrians traveling to your property
Increased Efficiency & Flow: In busy lots, this often translates into lost customers and accidents.
Ensure the most efficient traffic flow and parking configuration
Improve the overall aesthetics of your location

Curb Paint and Pavement Stencils
Curb paint and signs can be used individually or together to help convey a specific message to drivers. A painted curb means that you must follow special parking rules. Painted curbs are often located around a building to inform drivers where parking and stopping are allowed or prohibited.



Handicapped Spaces​
In July 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law and affects all property owners. Regardless of company size, all businesses must now have the proper number of handicapped-accessible parking stalls and required van parking spaces. 


Warehouse Floor Striping and Staging
To improve the organizations ability to maximize and organize space for staging and storage as well as to increase employee safety.




Painting  Services