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D&D Decorating Inc. strives​ to provide the best quality workmanship and outstanding customer service in the most cost effective manner while keeping our crew working year round. It is the goal of everyone at

D&D Decorating Inc. to continue to expand our services and with this in mind we will provide the necessary tools, supervision, and safe work place to all employees, to promote longevity and professional growth

D&D Decorating Inc. is dedicated to developing its work force with a strong and proven safety training program. Construction work in general presents significant safety challenges to identify and prepare for. Activities associated with the painting and coating scope include a wide variety of typical safety issues as well as many specific to the scope. Work requires careful preparation and planning to protect workers, environments, customer products, and equipment from potential harm.

 D&D Decorating Inc. contributes to high quality from start to finish of all painting and coating needs tasks through careful pre-inspection of work surfaces, proper preparation of work, and careful attention to finish applications. High quality work leads to attractive and functional finished products.

D&D Decorating Inc. is a dedicated painting and coating company established in 1989 to serve the broad spectrum of pharmaceutical, industrial, and commercial settings. Providing high quality finished products in a cost effective manner is committed to quality and safety while executing scope assignments. The ability to recognize and understand the customer's finished product needs and the awareness of potential safety hazards on a project by project basis.